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Quality housing is no longer a privilege. Corwin and Nova KBM are introducing Kvartet Easy Finance – A unique mortgage product that changes the rules of the game and makes housing finance affordable for everyone.

Why is it the right choice for you?

Have you ever wanted to buy a brand new property but the best apartments were sold out before the construction was completed? Have you ever had trouble with securing financing early to get your dream home in the city? Kvartet Easy Finance a solution that will allow you to get your ideal apartment on time.

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Thanks to the cooperation between the renowned real estate developer Corwin and Slovenia's most innovative bank, Nova KBM, you too can have a secure a quality new home now. Do not wait for tomorrow, make your dreams come true today.

A few easy steps to your new property.

To buy an apartment you only have to pay 10% of the purchase price and you pay the rest after the final inspection. The contracting bank, Nova KBM guarantees you the mortgage terms approved at the time of signing the reservation contract while you wait.

Make a non-binding pre-reservation for one week.
Reserve your ideal flat with a fee of 2000€.
Sign the advance contract with just the 10% pre-payment.
Finalize the contract and obtain your new home - 90% of the amount due for payment upon completion and issuance of the usage permit.

Buy a property for your future.

Get the best price for an apartment before the construction is completed. By buying an apartment that is still in the process of construction, you ensure that you get the best offer on the market, chosen according to your own preferences. Over time, the price of a property increases, so an early purchase provides you with a priority choice.

Secure today’s conditions.

A review of your financial situation will be performed now and under the current conditions. When the project is finished, you will only need to submit one payslip to confirm the initial review. Get benefits and funding today. Kvartet Easy Finance allows you to secure today's conditions for obtaining a loan in the future.

Affordable, fast and easy.

The special offer includes convenient credit terms so you can easily pay for your property. No extra valuation costs, approval costs or cancelation fees. Particularly favourable interest rate for holders of Premium and Komplet Bundles.

Carefree to your new home.

Choosing a fixed interest rate guarantees you up to a 20-year loan repayment period. If you opt for a variable interest rate, the loan repayment period is extended to 31 years. The range of options allows you to choose a housing loan up to EUR 300,000. Making one of the biggest investments of your life easy and convenient for you.

loan up to 300 000 €

most advantageous rates

up to 31 years

loan repayment period


extra costs or cancellation fees

A revolutionary mortgage meets an innovative project.

As one of the region's most renowned real estate companies, we are proud to bring you a mortgage offer like no other.



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